Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another Distraction

Where have you been all my life, Critical Mick? And "when your anger is focused" (whatever the hell that means), could you possibly be "the most talented writer at work in Ireland today"? Bafflingly, you seem to think this title might already be claimed, what with chancers like Hugo Hamilton, DBC Pierre, Eugene McCabe and John Connolly daring to scribble on the old sod. (Oh, and some women too. But not many.)
What I'm trying to say is: read CM. He does things with reviews I never thought possble. Vernon God Little becomes an episode of South Park. Claire Kilroy's first novel inspires a sort of father/daughter/daughter's friend/UCD Arts Block love affair. The Master becomes a send-up of every panel discussion I've ever listened to, or been on, or had anxiety dreams about. And as for what he does with Utterly Monkey....just read it.


Anonymous said...

Critical Mick can say what he likes, but VGL has the most memorable definition of a paradigm shift in all of literature

cornaroy said...

Which is??

hesitant hack said...

here it is:

'You never heard of the paradigm shift? Example: you see a man with his hand up your granny's ass. What do you think?'


'Right. Then you learn a deadly bug crawled up there, and the man has in fact put aside his disgust to save Granny. What do you think now?

'Hero.' You can tell he ain't met my nana.

Miglior acque said...

Very clever. Very enjoyable. I love his review of Kostova's The Historian. It's exactly what I want to say about it.

Dotsy's Complaint said...

Those Critical Mick reviews wrecked my head - interminable, unfunny and tedious. I'm heading back to the newspaper book pages.

Anonymous said...

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