Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yup, And The Editor In Chief Is Cathleen Ní Houlihan...

He runs one of the best literary blogs out there, and he's barely one to be fooled, but Mark Sarvas over at The Elegant Variation fell hook, line and sinker today for Newton Emerson's satirical take on Gerry Adams, Writer Extraordinaire, which was published in the Irish Times a (full) month ago (and covered by Blogorrah here).

In a post entitled "Why Didn't We Think Of That?", TEV faithfully quotes from Emerson's piece on Adams's refusal to publish the third volume of his memoirs without the guarantee of good reviews. The gag about how Adams is believed to have "serious reservations about the final chapter" is also taken as fact, as is the quote from "Ulysses Grant", Emerson's fictional Irish Times literary edtor:

Like most creative people, Gerry Adams is surprisingly sensitive...[h]e finds it difficult to finish anything unless he's absolutely sure that everyone will love it.

And TEV rounds it all off with a hilarious crack about a car bomb, before the commenters come in to rain on his parade.


TEV said...

Sorry, I thought my car bomb crack made it clear I knew the item was for fun. Sometimes I'm a bit too subtle ...

Anonymous said...

great blog, empire state!

xox from