Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is our city?

Woke to these pictures from Dublin this morning. They don't look real.

So, apparently, some 300 protestors opposed the loyalist "Love Ulster" parade which was due to happen today. ("Love Ulster", by the way? Is it just me, or does this not sound somehow comically cutesy...or like Gay Pride come early?)

Though it looks chaotic, disgusting and extremely upsetting, there haven't been that many injuries (although, actually, 14 is too many ...even if Charlie Bird is among them). I just want to know how many of these "rioting youths" are actually protestors and how many of them are just the cud-chewing troublemakers hanging around the city centre who'd throw a rock or a beer can at anything that moves, given the opportunity. I can't help feeling that this could have gone off peacefully. That the biggest problem here is not actually the tension provoked by a parade like this, but the fact that Dublin has become such a scummy city, all by itself.

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P.O'Neill said...

You're watching too much CNN. How many of those on the buses were cud-chewing troublemakers shipped south for the day?