Monday, October 02, 2006

Welcome to the BQE, Bitch

Sometimes we forget that we live in Brooklyn, and allow ourselves to be deluded into thinking that we've been transported into some less crowded version of the Village, except with fewer tourists, fewer strollers, better bars and lower rent. And then some actual CRIMINALS steal a van and set it on fire outside our window! At six o'clock in the evening! On Yom Kippur!! (Ok, ok, the last bit was just overkill.)

Man, we live an edgy life. I'm surprised some gangsta types aren't vying to shoot me in the head even as I write this. It must be the sound of the first ever JK Ensemble, streaming live from the wireless, that's saving me. By tomorrow, I expect to hear a playlist consisting of Bonnie Prince Billy and improvisations on Bach banging through the car windows of all the young men cruising (but not in the Village sense of the word) out there. And then, in a nice piece of symmetry, JK will open Wednesday's show by spinning the current boom-car fave, "You Already Know I Want to Fuck You (Fuck You, Fuck You)". And Ana Leddy will finally realise the enormity of her mistake.


Miglior acque said...

Man, I'm lucky to be alive! I was swanning around there at 1am coming back from Chaucer drinking mayhem. I did see a car crash outside when I was there though.

hesitant hack said...

that was because of your swanning. very irresponsible behaviour.

Also, please never say "Man" like that again. Please. It doesn't seem right, coming from your Chaucer-spouting mouth...