Thursday, May 18, 2006


Now, because I don't have a television anymore because I have So Much Work To Do*, I no longer get to enjoy one of the great treats of my vacuous life, namely watching double-bills of The O.C. and pretending that I am seventeen and going out with Seth Cohen (that Seth Cohen, in real life, is actually the same age as me, makes the pain all the greater. Sudden thought: would Seth Cohen write letters about poetry criticism to the Orange County Times? Hmmm...)

Anyway. Now, I know that most of my readers are WAY too sophisticated ever to care about future plot developments in the O.C., but I also know that I have a little lurker out there who might be very interested in certain things, such as WHO IS GOING TO DIE, ahahahahahaharrrrrr. As well as 16th century Connaught and Johnny Logan retrospectives and things like that. Now, because I'm so nice, I am going to put the spoiler in this this link, so you don't have to read it if you don't want to. But you do, don't you?

*however, having always-on wireless internet access does tend to defeat that noble gesture of self-punishment...if Matt Talbot had had access to google, how different things might have been...


Auds said...

Don't want to know **plugs all 4 fingers in ears**

I haven't watched the OC in a long time but I still don't want to know.

Saw season finale ads for Desperate Housewives and ER in the states - bad idea - now really want to see them, especially ER.

As for the ole internet vs television debate, sure just download from itunes!

Stellanova said...

Or download from, um, other sources. Which is how I've managed to keep up to date on programmes that aren't shown over here, like Veronica Mars. Who needs a telly?

Also, even though I gave up on the OC this season, it's good to know that its weakest element (and worst actor) is now gone...