Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thanks, Mum. You can stop now.

Regular readers may have noticed that I've been getting a higher proportion of comments than usual over the last few days. In fact, they all arrived at exactly the same time, on Monday night, which made me very excited indeed until I opened them and found that they were all from the same anonymous android source (actually, as stellanova will understand, they read like they were all written by Lucy Camden) and all saying very kind things in very bad English. About the superb super beauty of my "graphic", etc, and about how the commenter has "ever seen such beautiful colors". I wish I could believe you, anonymous. But I can't. Your reaching my blog was probably the prelude to hacking into my whole life, and you are probably this minute looking with disgust at the meagre amount in my bank account and wishing that you'd hacked into someone else's blog instead, like this ditzfest..

Anyway, the upshot of this is that my zillions of commenters will have to do that annoying word verification thingy from now on. Sorry!


Stellanova said...

Heh, maybe it was Lucy Camden, over-excited by the dreadful news that that appalling programme has not been cancelled after all?

Anonymous said...

and do you think "scribner" publishing, one of the foremost literary houses, finds "belle" to be just ditzy enough to give her a book deal? if she's so bad, why do you read her?

it's okay--maybe your jealousy will spawn a book deal of your own...poor brooklyn hack.

hesitant hack said...

hee hee