Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Go Touché Yourself, Mr President

Beautiful. Just beautiful. At a press conference this morning, President Bush mocked a reporter from the L.A. Times who stood up to ask a question wearing sunglasses. Transcript below:

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, Peter. Are you going to ask that question with shades on?

Q I can take them off.

THE PRESIDENT: I’m interested in the shade look, seriously.

Q All right, I’ll keep it, then.

THE PRESIDENT: For the viewers, there’s no sun. (Laughter.)

Q I guess it depends on your perspective. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Touché. (Laughter.)

And???? The reporter is legally blind. Unlike any seat of justice that Bush and his administration have recently had to answer to.

Update: The President has apologised. Well, he kind of had to, didn't he?

Update 2: Here's the question asked by Wallstein, and the answer (cough) given by the President:

WALLSTEIN: Following up on the other Peter’s question about Karl Rove, you said that you were relieved with what happened yesterday. But the American public, over the course of this investigation, has learned a lot about what was going on in your White House that they didn’t know before, during that time, the way some people were trying to go after Joe Wilson, in some ways. I’m wondering if, over the course of this investigation, that you have learned anything that you didn’t know before about what was going on in your administration. And do you have any work to do to rebuild credibility that might have been lost?

THE PRESIDENT: I think that — first of all, the decision by the prosecutor speaks for itself. He had a full investigation. Karl Rove went in front of the grand jury like — I don’t — a lot of times. More times than — they took a hard look at his role.

Secondly, as I told the other Peter, I’m going to tell you, that there’s an ongoing trial, it’s a serious business. And I’ve made the comments I’m going to make about this incident, and I’m going to put this part of the situation behind us and move forward.


cornaroy said...

Ah yes, the blind sure are leading the blind. Bush is just a runaway train when he thinks he is making a joke. He's like a five year old kid, so pleased with himself, beaming away with a face that says 'Look at me. I made a funny'. I wonder what he would say to the guy that Dick Cheney shot in the face? I presume he will be wearing shades for a while..

StaticNoise said...

Umm - the President didn't know the guy, didn't see a seeing-eye dog, and apparently likes to make eye contact when he talks to someone. Get off it! It was an honest mistake. He called the guy later and earnestly apologized - didn't see that in your comments.

hesitant hack said...

Touchy...As you can see, I've updated to include the apology, which hadn't happen by the time of the original post. I've also added the transcript of Wellstein's original question, and the President's "answer". So he "apparently" likes to make eye contact when speaking to someone? He also "apparently" likes to evade, ramble and make fratboy comments about the appearance of those around him rather than meet a straight question with a coherent response.

Thanks for your comment

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