Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Scrap Flatterday

Two choice quotes from the speakers Vincent Browne had on the line for his Charlie special tonight:

"He could walk with kings and talk to...eh, to the lower classes." (some FF local politician eager to tell, again and again, how Haughey took him to his house for a drink once.)

"People didn't realise, he needed those Charvet shirts to meet with people just like him in Europe." (Noelle Campbell Sharpe. Who else?)

Add to that Browne's insistence on asking his panellists (male, of course) how many times they slept with Haughey. It was a bugging scandal, Vinnie. Bugging.

I agree with Jane on this one. Who is this guy they're all fawning and LYING about? And Bertie, what you said in the Dáil today about "de credits and de debits" was not just incoherent and full of mixed metaphors, it was untrue. God, when Irish politicians, the vast majority of whom would normally defect to a rival party rather than be linked to the arts, have to resort to repeatedly referring to someone as a patron of the arts first and foremost as a way of speaking positively about them, you know hypocrisy's in the house. Ah well. That sort of bull is as apt a summation of Haughey's legacy as any, I suppose.

update: I've fixed the link to Jane's blog; it's the entry for June 13th that I'm referring to. She's always good on worthless politicos, appalling Irish radio and the like.

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Stellanova said...

I turned on the radio last night tjust in time to hear Campbell Sharpe saying that about the shirts and it took a moment to realise, with horror, that she wasn't actually joking. I'm just amazed by the positive things people are saying about my former TD (and judge of my infant pulchritude). I keep waiting for one of them to say "only joking! We know he was a corrupt, greedy hypocrite!"