Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The Rattlebag petition is well on its way towards the 1000 signatures mark - it looks like around 100 people a day are adding their voices to the protest. Do so now, if you haven't already! And pass the message on!

Nobody's saying Rattlebag is perfect as an arts programme, but RTE needs, and deserves, to be shown just how many people are frustrated and disappointed by its rescheduling decisions. A lot of those who have signed this petition are also using it to express their dismay over the axing of the Mystery Train (which, this evening, featured a brilliant and zany monologue by Kelly about when Bob Dylan comes to stay...).

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seankk said...

Actually well over 1,000 now. Aiming for the 2,000 mark. Some great Irish arts names joining in and we want to keep it going so Ana Leddy, head of Radio 1 can't ignore us. Head to www.ohargain.com and sign up now,