Thursday, June 15, 2006

Swagbag update

Dear people who find their way to this blog by doing Blogger and Google searches for various items that were in the Tonys goodiebags (sample search: [product in question] + Tonys + gift + bag):

Please desist. If you're hoping that Cynthia Nixon or Mark Ruffalo keep blogs, and that they're using them to rave about the tacky rubbish you gushingly bestowed on them backstage at the awards last weekend, and giving you lots of free publicity that you can use in your next missive of dropped apostrophes and excessive exclamation marks...I mean, your next press release...well, you're sorely mistaken. So go away, and take your furry boots and gaudy jewellery with you. Instead, here are some pictures of "celebrities" (including Mary Poppins and Doogie Howser) looking like total sell-outs in your Celebrity Presenter Gift Lounge™.

Love, Me.

Update: On the other hand, to the person who found their way here through a google search for "giving to arts journalism": come back, come back! You can give as much as you want...

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