Sunday, June 18, 2006


This was on in our local park in Brooklyn this weekend, which made me want to spend all my savings on jewellery, handbags and notebooks. And on very cute baby clothes for babies I don't even know yet. It also reintroduced me to Bust, the magazine to which I subscribed a few years ago after reading an article about it in one of the Irish Sunday newspapers - written, unsurprisingly (given that it was actually about something interesting...) by Stellanova. My flatmates were a bit bewildered by this bastion of tough girliness which came through the letterbox every couple of months, and my then-newly-acquired boyfriend, A, confessed that, having seen it where it was stocked in Tower Records, he'd wondered if it was a lesbian porn magazine. Well!
Bust had a stall at the craft fair, as did Venus, as did zillions of amazing craftsters. I picked up business cards from the best ones and will post links to their websites as soon as I get out of this bar where I came to 'work'. Air-conditioned, y'know? And, um, Corona. Ahem. Look, it's Sunday night, ok?

• Notebooks made from old hardbacks – Nancy Drew included: Scraps of Paper

• Robots crafted from computer innards: Burrowburrow

• Cute ceramics: Perch design

• Bags & stuff. Drool-inducing: Kristen Aronsson

• Odd self-portraiture: Enid Crow

• Hand-forged belt buckles: Steel Toe Studios

• Jewellery made from silver-cast twigs and acorns: Twigs and Heather

• Wallets, bags, etc, in colourful leather: Miss Alison

• Gorgeous prints and lithographs: Cinqunquatre

• More bags and t-shirts: Slaughterhead Design

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Stellanova said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I've wanted to go to one of the Renegade Craft Fairs for years. So much crafty goodness.

Also, I'm pleased that at least one of my many attempts to foist my personal tastes on newspaper readers actually won someone over! I've been reading Bust for, God, nearly nine years now, and it's introduced me to loads of good books, bands and little crafty designers (I owe my vast collection of Queen Bee items to an ad in Bust many years ago). I think it went downhill a bit immediately after its 2002 relaunch - it lost its old "glossy girlie feminist zine" feel and became a bit blandly mainstream - but it's got better since then. I still look forward to its arrival through the letter box every two months. It's the only women's magazine where I really am the target market.