Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tony Awards Live 3

The History Boys just won Best Play. Alan Bennett, along with the producer, accepted the award...and the ENTIRE cast and crew trooped up on the stage along with them. Very short speech from Bennett, talking about how they were nervous bringing the play to Broadway and worried it wouldn't be understood by New York audiences. Actually, the night we were there, it was the sections of the audience from parts of America other than NY (the tourists from the Midwest, etc) who were hissing to each other in bafflement at the accents. Anyway. The RTE boys have just gone home, because there's no reason to stay around here any longer now - that's it for the Irish nominees. But I'm hoping they'll bring Cynthia Nixon up here, and Richard Griffiths, and maybe even Alan Bennett (unikely), so like a good little starstruck hack, I'm staying put. Plus, there are strawberries, With chocolate on them.

Poor Martin. And he looked so good in that tux...

Gad. Cynthia Nixon just came in. She's THIN. Whining about the strong lights, but otherwise pleasant. Or is that bland?

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